Q: Can you use bits from my blog?

You may borrow my images or content if you be sure to link back to me as the original source. Thank you! http://festivalgirl.com.au

Q: Can Festival girl come to my festival?

I am based in Sydney so hence why most of my posts are reviewing events in Sydney. But of course, I won’t knock back an expense paid working holiday 😀

I would love to expand the concept of Festival Girl to be Australia wide, but feel free to contact me if you you’d like to be a guest blogger and review an event I haven’t been able to attend.

Q: What are some Festival Girl upcoming events?

This is a living breathing blog, so contact me if there is something really interesting happening and I can add it to the calender.

Q: What camera do I use?

I use a Cannon 55D and lens is 15 – 85 mm and occasionally my HTC phone. I don’t have any affiliate associations with the Cannon brand, however, I am always interested should the occasion arise 😀

Q: Can I get high quality version of images used on the blog?

Please feel free to contact me to discuss however all the images remain © Festival Girl 2010 – 2014

Q: How can I contact Festival Girl?

Contact me here

Q: How can I advertise or become a sponsor of Festival Girl?

Please feel free to contact me to discuss

Q: How can I subscribe to Festival Girl?

You can subscribe via the following:

xox Festival Girl (Kat)

All content copyright © 2010 – 2014 Festival Girl.

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