Love Vintage Show Sydney 2012 | Review

 Festival Girl Rates: 8/10

I know this post is a bit late, but here it is anyway. Better late than never – Right? So two Sunday’s ago, I decided to head to the Sydney Love Vintage Show. The previous years I’ve headed to the show, it was in Canterbury Racecourse, but for some reason (organisers logic I guess) it was moved to Moore Park at Fox Studios. Not to sound like ‘that guy’, but personally, I don’t think the Horden Pavillion is really the best location. The lighting kinda sucked for taking photos and there was this dreary vibe in the room, I don’t really know how else to put it. Just didn’t feel right. Oh did I mention you also have to pay for parking here – not that great considering ticket price is already $16 – do they think we are made of money? Ouch. Anywho, the actual exhibitors and things to see were of course awesome as usual.

I do always love coming to this event. I mean, it’s just the best thing in the world to see all these great vintage providers in the one place showing us the best of what they’ve got. I am such a hopeless romantic, but I love the nostalgia of things made by hand or anything with a story. I think it makes me feel more connected as a human being, rather than just a human, if you know what I mean. Anyway, enjoy some of my highlights below…

I just love EVERYTHING that Pitt Trading do – I mean, they are just so on the money when it comes to visual merchandising. They just make you wanna visit and never leave.

zOMG hummingbird plate. Must obtain…

Retro coloured glassware. Dying much?

Coloured trims – my fav

Can you BELIEVE my mum used have this vase. I think I convinced her to get rid of it and get a new on a few years back. Sigh…

O.M.G Applique heaven

Polka dot jug and matching cups – oh my

So we decided to watch the Vintage Wedding Fashion Parade, organised by business partners Forever Vintage. Sure some of the gowns are are a little expensive, but I’m sure it’s totally worth it to have a vintage number like this as apart of your special day.

Just stunning – I love the cloak/train look of this gown, just so elegant.

I love the back on this gown, just so adorable.

The girls were walking down the catwalk to ‘Going to the Chapel’, so cute

Isn’t this just to die for?

I heart these Rockabilly girls – so cute

The Lindy Charm School makeover some regular folk into some 1950’s pinups – reow!

So I have obviously fallen in love with Butterfield Tate Gallery – They have the most amazing bohemian finds. If you’re anything like me and love cultural inspired textiles, then you have to go see them! I could have photographed everything they had – it’d all so beautiful. Read more about their story here.

I asked my darling friend to hold this up for me. The story is that this piece is of Indian heritage and seems to be used for formal occasions. I fell in love when I saw it, but it was SO incredibly heavy, it must have weighed like 10kg.

The story behind this textile is that it used to be the inside lining for an Indian tent. So when you look up at the inside, you see this wonderful drawing on the inside. Just beautiful.

Cactus Skirt from From Here to Eternity – how adorable is it.

Look at this pimping antique cash register

I love all these pieces from Kaleidoscope.

Love this Hawaiian inspired lady printed on tin

Yes it’s the beautiful Candice DeVille at the Show! She is just as charming in real life as she is on her blog.

Cherish Vintage Treasures was also at the show with her fun, retro and quirky pieces of flair.

I totally adored this idea by Vintage Cake Stands

Anyway, I know that was image overload, but there were so many great bits to show you guys. So I hoped you enjoyed it!

Hope to see you there next time!


Festival Girl