Craft and Sewing Show Rosehill Racecourse 2012 Review

Festival Girl Rates: 7/10The Craft and Sewing Show was a blast! I do apologise for the delay, life unfortunately got in the way, but here is the post anyway! So I went to the Craft and Sewing with a couple of my girlfriends who had an absolute ball. Now I am notorious for hanging out at a store for over an hour, just examining all the potential things I could get. I mean, I really love to look, pick up, touch and learn about all things that are creative. But my girlfriends really took the cake – I mean, I did a serious loop of taking photos and they were still in the same stall I left them. Hilarious! I was so happy to see them really enjoy themselves and that were able to buy some of their future craft products. How excitement!
I heart this birdcage chandelier

I love random lace appliques, so pretty from LaceNTrims

Thanks for letting me take snaps at LaceNTrims

Although I’ve seen the Twiddleybitz store before at previous craft markets, I’ve never really been all that tempted to buy one. However, this day, I really was tempted. And I’ll show you why.

How cute is this cupboard? I totally fell in love with it. So how does it work? Well, all the items come as pre cut pieces that you glue yourself and paint and decorate how you want. However this is what gave me the idea for my cupboard – and below is my version. See I got some fly screen, cut them to size so I could put some of my earrings on it. I also put a mannequin cutout for more earring space, a decorative mirror and pretty cushion I made for the cupboard.

It took a number of man hours, but I’m proud my first attempt. What do you guys think?

How adorable – mini chairs and jewellery box. I think this would make a really cute pin cushion

There are SO many different designs and patterns, it is crazy overwhelming. I loved this carnival themed piece in the middle. It’s just great!

I bought an adorable (giant) owl, who I decided to call him Owl Pacino – get it? I got it from this Kraft Kingdom – I did take a card, but I have since misplaced it. I will update with details when/if I find it 🙂

Pitt Trading
is one of my all time favourite craft and vintage stores. The stall is just breathtaking, it is always impeccably presented and has the most amazing vintage items, home wares and textiles at pretty affordable


Now I am not the best sewer (although I try) So my girlfriends and I decided to take one of the free sewing seminars. In this make and take class we used Brother sewing machines, which was super easy to use even a novice like me got the hang of it (eventually.) It’s a pretty cute little bag and the perfect place to start if you want as easy project. If you want the free tutorial, see it here FreeBagTutorial

If you did go to the Craft and Sewing show this year – why not tell me all about it?

Hope to see you there next time

Love, Festival Girl