Chinese New Year Markets | Belmore Park

Festival G
irl Rates: 8.5/10

So after work on Friday, I decided to head down to the Chinese New Year Markets celebrations to check it out. Since I wasn’t really expecting to come down, so you will have to excuse my not so great quality pics from my good ol’ Samsung phone.

I really love Chinese New Year celebrations – there is something so wonderful about it that brings people of every nation together. Maybe its the delicious Peking Pork, the Satay sticks or the mango and sticky rice? Or perhaps the colourful entertainment that stems back to thousand year of traditions including the lion dancing. There is something for everyone.

There was plenty of great food and entertainment including lion dancing, SBS Pop Asia, Korean Rock, cooking demonstrations, karaoke competition, arts & crafts and even an outdoor film of Bruce Lee! The only bad thing was the queues just to get food. I think Cartman from South Park said it best –  “the lines, lines, LINES!” The lines for food are insane! My tip: Bring a few friends and spilt up your food buying duties. Hopefully, by the time you each get your food, you can eat all together, or best yet, eat in the line while you wait for more food.

Also, there was cooking demonstrations from MasterChef contestants Adam Liaw and Alvin Quah (how excitement) where they show you how to make mouth-watering specialties to celebrate Chinese New Year.

If your still keen on getting down there tonight, celebrations will still be on for the next few hours – so lap it up!

AYAM were giving away free fortune cookies. The fortune inside was unfortunately a promotional message from AYAM.

Look, the dumpling man!

Rainbow name writing. So talented. You know how they do it? They get a normal paint brush and then decorate a small palette with paint in a rainbow pattern and then using their artistic talents, they make beautiful rainbow names.

Dragon fly men on stilts

So this is the part where you can light incense, say your prayer and wish for something prosperous. Just beautiful.

Part of the Dragon dancing crew

Ah!!! Talk about being star struck. It’s Adam Liaw. I love his knob-let bun – we could share scunci hair bands

Ah!!!! Alvin Quah from Cinnamon Pig


DATE: Friday, 20th to Sunday, 22nd January 2012
TIME: Friday, 4pm to 11pm; Saturday & Sunday, 11am to 10pm
VENUE: Belmore Park, Hay Street, Haymarket. Haymarket is located at the southern end of the Sydney CBD.
GETTING THERE: The best way to get there is via train and alight at Central station. Belmore Park is located across Eddy Avenue from Central station.

xox Love, Festival Girl