Free Tutorial: How to make a Domo-kun Tissue Box Cover

If you don’t know by now, I love Domokun. I don’t really know why, I really can’t explain it, but I just do. It’s not that strange, he is incredibly popular. What I think I love about him the most is the fact that he is always yelling – I mean, that’s just hilarious right?

So I decided to go Domokun crazy and get myself a Domokun tissue box cover. So I did my research online, checked in super cute stores like Morning Glory and nothing was really doing it for me. They just weren’tt right.

So I figured, hmm, why don’t I try to make my own version. I mean, how hard could it be to make a brown rectangle?

So here’s how I did it:

Buy These:

Get yourself at least 6 A4 sized sheets of dark brown felt or if you find it, a large 1 square metre

1 x sheet of bright red felt

1 x sheet of black felt

Some pieces of cardboard left over from a cardboard pamphlet, or chocolate box or anything

Dark brown, black and red string

scissors, ruler, pen

elastic band – about 1/2 metre

Your favourite sewing machine

Glue gun

Do This:

I think it’s a lot easier to have all your bits ready so that when the time comes, you can go BAM and put it all together.

Start by measuring the tissue box across all it’s edges, ignore the base, as you wont be needing to cover it. If it’s easier, grab and empty box and flatten it to measure out your fabric. Once its measure, make sure you leave an extra 1-2 cm on every edge to help you be able to sew all your pieces together. You will need to trim the excess off and measure against the tissue box. You don’t want it to be too tight or too loose.

To make your fabric thicker line with some extra fabric that you have lying around or any other felt you have lying around

Make an elastic bottom edge:

Find the bottom edge of your four pieces (2 lengths and 2 widths) and sew across the top, leaving a 1-2 cm gap, big enough to slip the elastic through. You can do this easily with a pair of tweezers, just grab the elastic on the tweezers ‘v’ and pull it through.

Sew the edges:

Sew the edges of the rectangle together, make sure you grab your internal layers. Also make sure to sew it inside out and the correct way up – this means all elastic should be facing the bottom.

Once you have all 4 walls together, then you can start hand sewing the elastic edge joins, make sure you don’t sew through the elastic, otherwise it wont stretch properly.

Start the Domo-Kun body parts:

Domokun will need to arms and 2 legs.

Legs: Trace a circle that is about 4 cm in diameter onto a scrap piece of cardboard. Cut this shape out and duplicate once. you will now have 2 cardboard circles, using some left over brown felt, cut a a rectangle that is about 7 cm width and wrap the felt around the cardboard circle and trim off the excess. This should look like a cylinder. Repeat for both feet.

Here is the trick to make the feet look really cool. Cut a circle of brown felt around the cardboard circle, making sure you leave enough excess that it can wrap over the edges. Then get some wadding and place it between the cardboard and felt. Now here comes the fun part. Grab a needle and thread and poke your needle through the felt until the edges completely overlap the cardboard circle. Try to make the folds as flat and neat as possible and leave no folds from the front. This will looks like a raised giant felt button. Now sew this onto the rectangle piece we reserved for his leg and stitch up the leg, joining the rectangle piece. Repeat for the other leg.

Arms: Repeat the process above, but make your circle diameter 3 cm and the arms a touch shorter.

Eyes: Using the same process, cut a black felt circle around a cardboard circle 2cm in diameter. Repeat for second eye.

Start the Domo-Kun Face:

Trace around the tissue box top including the box opening onto a scrap cardboard – make sure you make this gap generous. Make a hole in the centre of the brown felt, that suits the tissue box hole. Using the cardboard, grab some red felt and cut a size that will sit at the back of this cardboard. Again, don’t be tight, so you have some room to play with. Then draw some pointy teeth onto some cardboard in a line and cut out the shape using white felt, these will be the top teeth. I actually glued the white felt to the cardboard to make the teeth harder. Repeat for bottom teeth.

Now position both sets of teeth, onto the red felt and place them behind the tissue box cover – if you imagine, you hide everything behind the tv screen cardboard. Once it’s all in place, using a pen/pencil draw a straight slit lengthways across the red felt to make the tissue opening. I find that if you extend the slits on the tv cardboard edges too, there is less chance of recking all the effort you’ve put in down the track when yuo are trying to use it. i decided to do a nice blanket stitch by hand around the edge of the cuts we’ve made, this will help the felt maintain it’s stretch and shape.

Once you are happy with all the positioning – you can start putting the body together. Fill arms with wadding and sew one arm on either side of the body – make sure these are in line, so arms are not wonky. Fill legs with wadding and sew on the legs on the bottom. Make sure you position these first as you don’t want to wreck all your hard work.

Using a hot glue gun, glue the teeth to the red felt (try not to make any glue show). Using the A4 brown felt that we cut a hole in, snip the edges so you can wrap the inner edges around the tv cardboard. Glue these edges down. Now place the brown felt with tv cardboard over the teeth and red felt. Once you are happy, glue in position. I decided to add a bit of extra wadding about the edge, to make the face look more 3D.

Now stitch the face onto the body section using the sewing machine or by hand. You can do this as you like.