Everleigh Markets Review

Festival Girl Rates: 6.5/10

Another beautiful day at the Everleigh Markets. I decided to go down to the Finders Keepers market a few weeks back and the Everleigh markets just happened to be on. Lucky for me I guess. I decided to take some happy snaps before the I went into the market as the smell of sizzling burgers, yummy falafel and organic coffees was way too much for me to resist.

I decided to buy a cup of organic lemonade from Simple Syrup ($3.00) It was a little to tart for me, but really gave me a sharp burst to start my morning. A friend of mine got a coffee from the place next store and said it was all very yummy. My other friend was so hungry she wolfed down a delectable burger before our market adventures. Walking past the stores, I really loved seeing the word ‘organic’, ‘free range’ and ‘preservative free’ plastered everywhere. The idea is really about bringing food back to its primitive form – from the ground, not mass produced and made with love. I also tasted the most amazing duck sausage – yummerz.

I love samples! I found although there was quite a bit on in terms of samples, but I found the cost for pretty much everything was really generally expensive.

Mmm Lady Marmalade

This syrup from Simple Syrup was super yummy

Handmade baskets – yes please

Mmmmm pancakes

Super green

So sweet

Flowers for me? You shouldn’t have

Ooh I want her bag!

Even the pidgeons are enjoying a day at the markets

xox Love Festival Girl